Gothenburg Film Festival - The world’s most claustrophobic cinema 

Role: Copywriter, Script editor Purpose: Attract international attention to the festival

A SPACE WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM Streaming apps, tablets and mobile phones are replacing the big screen experience. People are staying home, and cinemas are struggling to survive. In the age of Netflix, how do we turn movie-streamers into moviegoers? Gothenburg Film Festival wanted to offer something Netflix didn’t. Introducing: The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema

 The theme of the 2018 festival was ‘Apocalypse’. And the festival highlight was Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson’s end-of-the-world sci-fi epic, Aniara. For the film’s premiere, we wanted the audience to feel the horror of being trapped and alone in deep space. Comfy theatre seats were replaced with 8 coffins and people were invited to climb inside. The fear and isolation on screen may have been make believe, but inside the coffins it was very real.

 These confined spaces, where no one could hear you scream, really got people talking.



- One tweet published every three seconds during the launch.

- Over 500 articles published globally.

- Tickets for the 28 screenings were gone in just a few hours.

- Most trending festival event globally on Google News.

- Huge engagement on social media and forums such as Reddit.

- On the Creative Works Leaderboard at The Drum.

- Named Best Outdoor at Best Ads on TV.

- Highest-ever attendance at Gothenburg Film Festival


Easter Elchies Black 2019

Launch film script

For more than 300 years, it’s stood here.

Proud, enduring – with a welcoming warmth at its heart.

This is Easter Elchies House: Spiritual home of The Macallan.

And only exceptional single malts get to share its name.

Inspired by the dusk of an autumn evening in the Scottish Highlands,

The Macallan Easter Elchies Black is an escape from the elements – a sanctuary with a smoky character to savour.

The peated notes of The Macallan Easter Elchies Black take us back and pay tribute to the traditions of the past.

While the warm amber colour is the firelit glow from a window.

A glow that beckons us in from the cold.

And welcomes us home.


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